2017 Tour Championship Invitation List - ACCEPT NOW  (2 months ago)

Below is the TENTATIVE invitation list for the USJGT Tour Championship scheduled for May 20-21, 2017, at Quail Ridge Golf Club in Bartlett, Tennessee.

The list will adjust as results from the final event at Wedgewood are added in.

YOU MUST ACCEPT YOUR INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE.  This is an invitation-only event and if your name does not appear on the list below, you are not eligible.  To know how eligibility is determined, please see the explanation on the Tour Standings page.

AJGA Performance Stars will be awarded to the top five finishers in the Boys High School division.

TO ACCEPT YOUR INVITATION, email us at usjgtjrgolf@aol.com and request the Registration Code.  You are not a participant until you actually register for the event.

There are more players listed than spots available as usually not every player accepts the invitation.  So, even if your name may be way down the list, it doesn't mean you won't get in.  If you want to play, go ahead and accept your invitation.

If you have questions, please let us know.  

BOYS HIGH SCHOOL (42 players accepted)

1. Gregory Odom, Jr.

2. King Grisanti

3. Parker Jennings

4. Joshua McCray

5. Travis Olsen

6. Blake Templeton

7. Ben Sherman

8. Wilson Baker

9. Wil Gibson

10. Charlie Buffkin

10. Garrett Underhill

11. Spencer Jenkins

12. Joshua Jones

13. Will Kidder

14. Jack Crosby

15. Jack Morris

16. Wyatt Berry

17. Jacob Lammey

18. Henry Wells

19. Joseph Lambert

20. Regan Roy

21. Hall Upshaw

22. John Stokes

23. Ryan Jones

24. Jesse Hollingsworth

25. Zachary Bailey

26. Matt Sink

27. Ethan Ray

28. Marshall Daniel

29. Devyn Pappas

30. Logan DePriest

31. Philip Wunderlich

32. Samuel Boysen

33. Chris Hastings

34. Drew Taylor

34. Boone Faulkner

35. Christopher Conners

36. Drew Miller

37. Scout Davis

38. Ryan Davis

39. Kye Meeks

40. Jake Meskin

41. Woodson Weathersby

42. Daniel Maybee

43. Trent Scull

44. Eli Maxwell

45. Aaron Tennyson

46. Walker Crosby

47.Bubba Davis

48. Jonathan Hudson

48. Cade Evans

49. DJ Herman

49. Jackson Singer

49. Drew Taylor

50.  Duke Waldrop

50. Jacob Peel

51. Grey Smith

52. Aaron Sweet

53. Justin Martin

54. Cameron Tompkins

55. Davis Irving

56. Jack Cunningham

57. Blaine Calhoon

58. Garrett Moore

59. Brett Daughdrill

60. Mason Rudolph

61. Jesse Keck

62. Russell Williamson

63. Manny Rogers

64. Julian Maxwell

65. Connor Hawkins

65. Bradford Cummins

66. Morgan Robinson

66. Hudson Cunningham

67. Jackson Phillips

67. Cameron Tankersley

68. Frederick Danielson

69. Mitchell Bowliin

70. Caleb Williams

71. Dylan Arendale

72. Austin Farris

72. Scott Tabor

73. Trey Melvin

73.Stuart Grow

75. Jason Lyle

76. Joshua Miller

77. Ethan Phillips

78. Trey DePriest

79. Eric Lu

80. Miles Farnsworth

Brady Scola

Jordan Nichols


GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (12 invited)

 1. Susan Morris

2. Caitlin Luke

3. Lilly Thomas

4. Megan Tang

5. Aubrey Guyton

6. Carla Kay Hickam

7. Lynn Lim

8. Ann Catherine Blackburn

9. Sydney Williams

10. Isabella Washka

10. Annie Paris

11. Anna Heck

12. Ellie Navarre

13. Abigail Whittington

14. Ellie Bloodworth

15. Campbell Knoth

15. Megan Hertter

15. Kassidy Taylor

16. Bailey Dunstan

17. Lucy Martin

18. Megan Ward

20. Ali McCarthy

21. Callon Green

23. Bailey Fowler

24. Weatherly Spence

24. Tess Hendrickson

25. Mary Kate Thomas


BOYS JUNIOR HIGH (9 invited)

1. Carrington Newell

2. Will Brown

3. Ben Nganga

4. Taylor Durham

5. Jaden Zimmer

6. Jack Manning

7. Gray Campbell

8. Corbin Andrada

9. Cade Jones

10. Drew Oxley

11. Jack Aaron

12. Hayes Corrigan

13. Cooper Edmonds

14. Grayson Rash

15. Jackson Gilbert

16. Alex Runk

17. Flynn McRae

18. Bryce Murphy

19. Hagen Tyrone

19. Camden Adcox

20. Easton Wamble



1. Clarence Chapman

2. Braden Jones

3. Nikolas Daniel

4. Cy Norman

5. Christian Pardue

6. Zachary Olsen

7. Jackson Herrington

7. Austin Bibb

8. Jack Clarke

9. Luke Beadles

10. Elliot Morris

11. Thomas Sutton

GIRLS MIDDLE (3 invited)

1. Lily Bloodworth

2. Sophia Richter

3. Grace Herrington

4. Emily Wilson

3. Emily Cress



1. Graysa Enders

2. Grace Denegri

3. Zoe Williams



1. Hudson Farnsworth

2. Carson Daniel

3. Wils Moore

4. Milling Chapman

5. Cooper Solberg

6. Laird Williams

7. Jackson Whaley

8. Brantley Moore

9. Taylor Pendleton

10. Jackson Strawn

11. Advay Adapa

2017 Galloway Trophy Tiebreaker Results  (2 months ago)

     Since we were unable to play round 2 due to inclement weather, trophy spots have been awarded based on the USJGT tiebreaker system.  For those unfamiliar with the system, here it is, step by step:

1. Back nine score

2. Front nine score

3.  Hole by hole matching beginning with #18 and working backwards

After applying the tiebreaker, here are the results (tiebreaking step in parentheses)


1. Jack Crosby (back nine 33)

2. Joshua Jones (Hole 16 with a 2)

3.  Parker Jennings

4.  Wilson Baker (back nine 33)


1. Sydney Williams (back nine 37)

2. Isabella Washka


1. Will Brown

2. Taylor Durham

3. Cade Jones

4. Carrington Newell


1. Cy Norman

2. Clarence Chapman


1.  Graysa Enders


1. Hudson Farnsworth

2. Cooper Solberg



National Junior Golf Scoreboard: NJGS changed its reporting system this year to include rain-shortened events.  In past years, only events in which 36 holes were completed counted.  However, this year, any event which is scheduled for 36 holes but plays fewer due to weather will count.  All ties for NJGS purposes count as ties.  So, for example, in the Boys High School division, there will a three-way tie for first reported.

AJGA:  Stars will be awarded to the top five finishers in the Boys High School division.  Since there is a three-way tie for first, we do not currently have clarification from the AJGA on how those stars will be distributed.

2016 Tour Championship Schedule  (1 year ago)

Saturday, May 21

8 a.m.:  Round 1 tee times begin

6 p.m.:  USJGT Championship Banquet at Greystone (Tent area near #1 tee).  Players meals are provided free of charge.  All others pay $15 at the door.  Player of the Year in each division will be honored as well as Director's Award for Sportsmanship.  Players may also pick up their tournament gift at the banquet.

Sunday, May 22

TBA:  Final round begins

2016 Tour Championship Tentative Invitation List  (1 year ago)

Below is the FINAL RANKING for the 2016 USJGT Tour Championship.  Next to each division title is the number of invitees for that division.

Please read the following for explanation of the rankings and how to accept  tentative invitation.

1.  There are more players listed than spots in the event.  That's because we always have a substantial number of players who are unable to play in the Championship for various reasons.

2.  If your name is down the list, that does not mean you won't get in.  If you want to play,  then accept and when the deadline passes after the Wedgewood event, the final field will be set.  For example, we have 42 spots in the Boys High School field.  Once we reach the entry deadline, the top ranked 42 players WHO HAVE ACCEPTED AN INVITATION will be in the tournament.

3.  Ranking order is determined by number of events played and number of events won.  Please see the Tour Standings page for a detailed explanation.

4.  You may begin accepting now.

5. To accept, respond to the following email address:  usjgtjrgolf@aol.comRATI Include the player's name and division in the email AND REQUEST THE REGISTRATION CODE.


An X by a player's name means they have accepted an invitation.  This list will be updated once every 24 hours.

BOYS HIGH SCHOOL (42 invited)

X-1. Zachary Bailey
2. Davis Irving

X-3. Regan Roy

4. Wyatt Berry

5. Cameron Foster

6. King Grisanti
7. Hall Upshaw

8. Sam Stanton
9. Scout Davis

X-10. Trey DePriest

11. Logan DePriest
X-12. Drew Miller
13. Toby Wilson
X-14. Sammy Brucker
X-15. Addison Carney
16. Morgan Robinson

17. Garrett Moore
18. Nick Giles
19. Jay Fox
X-20. Michael Barnard
21. Walker Crosby
22. Mitchell Bowlin
23. Phillip Wunderlich, Jr.
24. Daniel Maybee
X-25. Ethan Ray
26. Angelo Malacapay
X-27. Klayton Hagan
X-28. Parker Jennings

29. Matt Sink

30. Jacob Lammey

31. Matthew Palmer

32. Jesse Hollingsworth

33. Marshall Daniel
34. Jack Crosby
35. Alex Wells
36. Joshua Caldwell
37. Noah Minton

38. Garrett Underhill
39. Jeremiah Cox
40. Erik Hamm
41. Lane Hooper
42. Eli Maxwell
43. Wilson Baker
44. Sam Melton
45. Beau Ryals
46. Kyle Hanfland
47. Haynes Lynch
48. Grant Hill
X-49. Zachary Jackson
X-50. Joshua McCray
51. Hudson Cunningham
X-52. Gregory Odom, Jr.
X-53. Chance Presley
X-54. Ryan Bradshaw
55. Henry Wells
56. Hays Kassen
57. Caleb Jurkonis
X-58. Ryan Hollenbeck
59. Hunter Green
60. Butler Bernard
61. Jay Grove
X-61. Brock Burnham

62. Avery Edwards

X-63. Wil Gibson
64. C.J. Easley
65. Gavin Clements
X-66. Ryan Davis
X-67. Trey Tobias
68. Kye Meeks
X-69. Austin Farris
70. Jake Meskin
X-71. Taylor Edmonds
72. Connor Poffinbarger
73. Will Grana
X-74. Holden Kirk
75. Jackson Elzinga
X-76. Dalton Thomasson
77. Charlie Buffin
78. Duval Farnsworth
X-79. Manny Rogers
80. Martin Bell
81. Trent Scull

X-82. Jesse Keck
83. Blake Templeton
84. Trevor Brunson
85. Joshua Chung
86. William Bolton
87. Jonathan Hudson
88. Ty Kinard
89. Adric Kimbrough
90. Joshua Mullinix
91. Conner Hawkins
X-92. Grayson Kirk
93. Bobby Stephens
94. Seth Criswell
95. Patton Orr
96. Tanner Powell
97. Joshua Miller

98. Tanner Robinson
99. Charlie Murphey
100. MJ Hughes
101. Cameron Tompkins
102. Danny Harris
103. Bryce Lewis
104. Paul Swindell
105. Jordan Botwinick
106. Walker Clayton
107. Dabney Dickinson
108. David-Kent Brundidge
109. Addison Nix
110. Michael Shears

111. Andrew Wood
112. Cameron Kohl
113. Jay Grove
X-114. Owen Workman
115. Frederick Danielson
116. Bob E. Mallory
117. Joshua Sokoloff
119. Hunter Atkins
120. Charlie Long
121. Braedon Wear
122. Eric Lu
123. Matt McCormack
124. Luke Zieman
125. Zachary Riddle
126. Caleb Kubacak
127. Joseph Lambert
128. Jaron Leasure
129. Russ Lewis
130. Eli Charron
X-131. Seth Robinson
132. Aaron Tennyson
131. Luke Smith
132. Cooper Dunn
133. Justin Johns
134. Spencer Jenkins

GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (15 Players Invited)

1. Megan Tang
2. Aubrey Guyton
X-3. Lynn Lim
X-4. Meghann Stamps
5. Victoria England
6. Susan Morris

7. Lucy Martin
8. Devon Matheny
9. Callon Green
10. Kynadie Adams
11. Angelina Chan
12. Allie Weiner
13. Abby Dickover
14. Hannah Bratton
15. Campbell Knoth

X-16. Megan Ward
X-17. Madeline Buckley
18. Madison Averitt

19. Anna Heck
20. Ann Catherine Blackburn
21. Sara Grace Black
22. Eleanor Bursi

23. Caitlin Luke
X-24. Kristen Miller
X-25. Sydney Williams
X-26. Shelly Jang
27. Hannah Powell
28. Siarra Stout
29. Reagan Kinnie
30. Breana Smith
31. Bailli Park
32. Emma Caroline Phillips
33. Maribeth Peevy
34. Josie Roberson
35. Ali McCarthy
36. Avery Rea
37. Casey Ott
38. Delaney Sain
39. Ellie Bloodworth
40. Annie Paris
41. Anna McIntyre
42. McKenzie McGrath
X-43. Alexis Montgomery
44. Bethany Dockery
45. Lilly Thomas
46. Brittany Combest


X-1. Jaden Zimmer
X-2. Jack Billups
3. Russell Williamson
4. Travis Olsen
5. Cameron Tankersley
6. Flynn McRae
7. Carson Garner
X-8. Woodson Weathersby
X-9. Ty Beasley
10. Collier Thompson

11. Corbin Andrada
12. Drew Oxley

13. Ben Nganga
X-14. Sam Banks
15. Alex Runk
16. Miles Farnsworth

17. Spence Wilson
18. Christopher Conners

X-19. Luke Fontechia
20. DeWitt Thompson
21. Riley Grandstaff
22. Cole Bevis
23. Caden McCulley
24. Logan Tyner
25. Zane Johnson

26. Jackson Gilbert

27. Boris Combast

28. Cannon Hurdle

GIRLS MIDDLE (3 Invited)

1. Ellie Navarre
2. Claudette Runk
3. Carla Kay Hickam
4. Skylyn Weisenborn


X-1. Will Brown

X-2. Cade Jones
X-3. Bradford Cummins
X-4. Cy Norman

5. Davis Walker
6. Ben Brogdon
7. Edward Hull
8. Zachary Olsen
9. Taylor Henderson
10. Will Barrett

11. Easton Wamble
12. Rylan Swindle
13. Alex McClimans
14. Charles Warren
15. Tyler Williamson
16. Tallent Brown


1. Reese McNeer
2. Brooklyn Weisenborn
3. Hadlie Goodson


X-1. Jack Clarke
X-2. Luke Beadles
X-3. Laird Williams
4. Cael Allen
X-5. Hudson Farnsworth
6. Brady Smith
7. Jackson Whaley
X-8. Johnny Isaacs
9. Noah Chartrand
10. Chance Adams
11. Lane Walton


USJGT Announces Partnership with Sun SafeTeeĀ® Program  (4 years ago)

The Sun SafeTee Program, the leader in sun protection education for golfers, announced today that it has added a new partner, the United States Junior Golf Tour (USJGT).

“Sun SafeTee is extremely pleased that the USJGT will be partnering in our effort to educate junior golfers on the importance of sun protection and skin cancer prevention, said Mark Wishner, President of Sun SafeTee, “We are looking forward to working with the USJGT, an organization that has committed itself to junior golf.”

This year over 3 million skin cancers will be diagnosed in the United States and 12,000 people will die from melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. According to Wishner, since golfers spend a significant amount of time in the sun they have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than the general population.

“We are excited to partner with Sun SafeTee and share in its mission to educate junior golfers about proper protection from the sun,” Mark McClellan, USJGT Co-Founder and Co-Director said. “We are looking forward to working with Sun SafeTee to provide educational opportunities to our junior golfers.”

“The addition of the USJGT expands our footprint and provides additional resources to help educate junior golfers on sun protection. By partnering with Sun SafeTee, The USJGT is demonstrating their commitment to the game of golf and the health of golfers,” Wishner added.

About Sun SafeTee®
The Sun SafeTee Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit sun protection and skin cancer awareness program designed specifically for the golf community. The program provides educational seminars to golf professionals and the public and distributes sun protection information and sunscreen samples at various golf events. The organization focuses on Junior and Collegiate golfers and is also a partner with The First Tee, the Golf Coaches Association of America and the National Golf Coaches Association and the American Junior Golf Association. The organization also has the endorsement of the public health initiative Doctors Orders: Play Golf. To learn more about The Sun SafeTee Program or to make a tax deductible donation visit www.sunsafetee.org. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The United States Junior Golf Tour has been in operation since 2001, and more than different 2,500 golfers have participated in one of our events since the tour’s inception. Last fall alone, 250 different golfers competed in one of our events. We expect that number to more than double this spring. Participants range from ages 8-18, and last fall more than 250 individuals competed in USJGT events in Arkansas, Memphis, and Nashville. 

Connect with the USJGT on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-States-Junior-Golf-Tour/115654575822

Connect with the USJGT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/usjgt

Visit the Sun SafeTee® website: http://www.sunsafetee.org/

Connect with Sun SafeTee® on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sun-SafeTee-Program/125270974152344?ref=sgm

Connect with Sun SafeTee® on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunSafeTee

2013 USJGT Fall Schedule  (4 years ago)

We are pleased to announce the schedule of tournaments for the fall:

August 10-11 Covington Country Club (Covington, Tenn.)

August 17-18 Pickwick Landing State Park (Savannah, Tenn.)

September 7-8 Orgill Park (Millington, Tenn.)

September 14-15 Harpeth Hills (Nashville, Tenn.)

September 21-22 Audubon (Memphis, Tenn.)

September 28-29 Indian Hills (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)

October 12-13 Two Rivers (Nashville, Tenn.)

October 19-20 North Creek (Southaven, Miss.)

October 26-27 Germantown Country Club (Germantown, Tenn.) 

November 2-3 Tunica National/Cottonwoods (Tunica, Miss.)

Registration is now available for Covington and Pickwick State Park.  Registration for other fall events will open soon.

Another Round: Second Edition (Summer 2013)  (4 years ago)

The newest edition of Another Round, the USJGT's official newsletter, is out! Check it out below for a recap of the spring season, updated junior standings, and information about some upcoming events.

Tour Championship Recap  (4 years ago)
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